AI Innovations For Life Science Summit West

Artificial intelligence is being used by life science organizations to accelerate drug development and spur medical device innovation through genomic profiling, and optimize clinical development strategies. Machine learning and model training have the ability to efficiently analyze large volumes of data for deeper insights to inform novel therapy development. While systems and platforms have been developed to transform several stages of the therapeutic development life cycle, the industry is becoming more demanding of real-world examples of how ML is being applied across the biomedical landscape.

This event will bring together artificial intelligent thought leaders in life science to discuss how the industry is rapidly transitioning to better utilize available technologies and dive into examples of how artificial intelligence is currently being used to:

  • Identify novel indications for compounds with huge libraries
  • Predict the efficacy of potential new drugs prior to running a clinical trial
  • Pinpoint multiple compounds that could potentially be combined for treatment with new indications or improved efficacy
  • Reduce medical diagnostic errors in oncology and pathology
  • Understand how one digital therapeutics platform can be leveraged to target multiple indications
  • Provide insight into implementation issues associated with learning systems in clinical development
  • Improve treatment adherence and increase patient recruitment efficiency in clinical trial design
  • Examine data management systems to understand privacy, protection and data ownership v.s. stewardship
  • Implement a cutting-edge health data strategy while maintaining compliant within the complex privacy and regulatory frameworks
  • Outline issues, roadblocks, and bottlenecks in the current drug discovery process that can be hurdled with AI technologies

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